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For over 75 years, the Irvington Halloween Festival has brought together thousands of residents, dozens of neighborhood organizations, and countless Eastside businesses in a fun-filled celebration of our heritage and community; and has become an integral part of Irvington’s history.
The festival and its associated events are designed to bring awareness to the community, to bring commerce to local business and sponsors, and to provide fun for the children of Irvington and Indianapolis.
The celebration now encompasses nearly a month’s worth of events including a 5 mile run, a pageant, musicians, contests, Halloween-themed movies, storytelling, ghost tours, live theater, roller derby, a haunted puppet show and dozens of other events. For Specific information visit

The Irvington Halloween Festival

The Irvington Winter Luminaria

Established in 1976, this event has been a delightful event that depicts the beauty and humble atmosphere of both Irvington and the holiday season.
On the Sunday before Christmas, the Luminaria is brought to life by hundreds of Irvington residents displaying thousands of candles in the early hours of night.
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