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Irvington Plaza Survey

During the month of October, the Historic Irvington Community Council conducted a community survey about proposed development in the Irvington Plaza on East Washington Street. Over 1,800 people responded to the survey from a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds. A summary of the results can be found below.

  • 97.6% of respondents want a grocery store in Irvington Plaza.

  • The most visited business currently in Irvington Plaza is the Dairy Queen (84.5% of 1,826 respondents)

  • Los Cuates, Elmer's Barber Shop, the Irvington Flea Market, and the Smoke Shop are also popular businesses with respondents.

  • The most-frequented grocery stores were Aldi (1st), Kroger (2nd, especially the Shadeland one), Meijer (3rd), Trader Joe's (4th), and CostCo (5th).

  • The most popular health/wellness options were Yoga and Pilates (though this survey went out before Breathe Yoga opened), followed by gyms like Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness.

  • By far, the most popular amenities proposed were greenspace near the Pennsy Trail and outdoor seating (over 80% for both)

  • The desire for housing to be part of Irvington Plaza was mixed, with a slim majority in favor. 

  • The vast majority of respondents stated they would be avoid shopping at Irvington Plaza if it housed pawn shops, dollar stores, liquor stores, payday lenders, tobacco shops, or gas stations.

For more detailed information about the survey results, feel free to contact the Historic Irvington Community Council by email.

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