The Community Council's Founders Awards

The Community Council's Founders Awards were first awarded in 2011 to recognize individuals, organizations and businesses that have made contributions to the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.  The awards are presented each year during the week of the Halloween Festival. 

For thirteen years providing slices to Irvington, for making Irvington a destination, for providing walls and walls for so many Irvington artists, and for their tireless dedication to Irvington, the Council awards a Founder's Award to Nancy Duncan and Mick McGrath and Bob and Laura Stark, owners of Jockamo's Upper Crust Pizza.

The Council would like to thank the Irvington Picture Frame Company, Laura Hildreth and the Irvington Historical Society for making the afternoon possible.

Bob Stark Jockamos.jpeg
Nancy Duncan, Mick McGrath, Bob and Laura Stark
Steve Sue and family.jpeg
Steve and Sue Barnett with Family

For their tireless dedication to preserving the history and culture of Irvington, including their work with the Irvington Historical Society and their preservation of the Bona Thompson Memorial Center, the Council awards a Founder's Award to Steve and Sue Barnett.

Scott Irons
Laura Hildreth

For twenty-seven years of keeping Irvington rolling, for anchoring the revitalization of Irvington, for promoting healthy lifestyles and the bicycle revolution, and for supporting the beloved Zombie Bike Ride and numerous other neighborhood events, the Council awards a Founder's Award to Scott Irons, owner of Indy Cycle Specialist.

For her beautiful work that brightens so many Irvington homes and public spaces and for her dediation to keeping Irvington a community of artists, the Council awards a Founder's Award to Laura Hildreth.

Past Founders Award Winners 2018 DSC0324
2018 Group photo of latest and previous Founders Award recipients from Left to Right: Jack& Dawn Nelson, Larry & Kathleen Tindall, John Mervilde, Kathleen Angelone, Stan Denski, Laura Mervilde, Sue Kennedy, Ed Myers, Carol & Bruce Gable, Dawn Briggs, Sue Beecher, William Gulde and Paula Schmidt. 
2011 - Awards were presented to The Legend restaurant and to John and Laura Mervilde for their restoration of the Davidson House on Lowell.
2012 - Awards were presented to Bruce Gable of Irvington Terrace and to Brian and Emily Mack for the restoration of their historic home on N. Hawthorne.
2013 - Awards were presented to Ed Myers, Rosemary Spalding and to Dufours Restaurant.
2014 - Awards were presented to The Irvington Historical Society, Dawn Briggs, and Snips Salon.
2015 - Awards were presented to Marty Powell, The Garden Club, and Guitar Town.
2016 - Award presented to Paula Schmidt.
2017 - Awards presented to the Irvington Public Library, Sue Beecher, and William Gulde.
2018 - Awards presented to the Jack & Dawn Nelson, Kathleen Angelone, Larry & Kathleen Tindall, and Stan Denski.
2019 - Judy Crawford, Paula Nicewanger, and Ethel Winslow (owners and publishers of The Weekly View), Jan DeFerbrache (owner of The Magic Candle and director of Gaia Works Food Pantry), Kent Hankins and Bill Aughe (community activists), Mike and Mary Lee Spilbeler (community activists and owner of the Irvington Picture Frame Company).
2020 - Scott Irons (owner of Indy Cycle Specialist), Nancy Duncan, Mick McGrath, Bob and Laura Stark (owners of Jockamo's Upper Crust Pizza), Steve and Sue Barnett (community activists), and Laura Hildreth (Irvington artist).
Nominations for the award are accepted from any neighborhood resident at anytime.  The winners are selected by the members of the Irvington Community Council at the beginning of June.

Previous Founders Awards

Kathleen Angelone (L)
Larry and Kathleen Tindall
Stan Denski
Jack and Dawn Nelson
Sue Beecher
Sue Kennedy
William Gulde
Dawn Briggs
Bill Shaefer
Marty Powell
Bruce Gable
Rosemary Spalding