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Our Mission have a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life in Irvington, and thus greater Indianapolis as a whole. Through active partnerships with other civic groups, businesses, schools, libraries, neighbors and government, our intent is to make a sustained and positive impact upon the stability and growth of the neighborhood.  We will seek this through our support of public art and entertainment (e.g. music, film, festivals); through an active interest in local environmental concerns (e.g. waterways, green space); and other projects and partnerships that protect property values, encourage business and foster pride in our community.

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The Irvington Community Council

 P.O. Box 19721  ~  Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Click here for information on historic preservation.




The Council endeavors to help better the community in many ways, including the Legacy Project, the Blake Johnson Scholarship, enriching the community through local events, and providing a forum for community related topics. If there is a specific topic you wish to discuss with the council, we encourage you to seek out a board member or to reach out using the council email. To be recognized and present a topic at a monthly meeting, please email the council for approval and addition to the agenda. Upcoming meeting agendas and previous meeting minutes are here.

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